P101: Puppy Training 1

Your puppy is running down the hallway with your shoe! You yell at her to drop it, she ignores you, you chase her, grab the shoe and the tug game begins! It's so much easier if you teach your puppy to "drop it."

Puppy Training 1 classes are designed for puppies between the ages of 17 - 24 weeks as it’s easier to establish good manners and habits, while your puppy is young and impressionable.​

You'll receive a custom potty training and sleep management system based on your schedule. We'll review your puppies set-up too because it's important to ensure your home is safe for a growing puppy. We will spend the remaining time learning basic commands, setting you and your puppy on your way.

Puppy Requirements:

  • If your pup is older than 25 weeks old, then Advanced Dog Training 2 is the age-appropriate class for you and your dog. 

Course includes:

  • 4 in-home classes

  • Text and email support

  • Access to Puppy Training 1 Tools

Start building a stronger bond and better communication with your pup.

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