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How To Find The Right Dog Swimming Pool

During the hot days of late spring and summer, even our furry friends appreciate the chance to cool off for a bit and have some fun splashing. Most dogs enjoy being in the water and swimming, especially since it helps them to beat the heat. Check out these tips on buying a dog swimming pool to help your four-legged friend enjoy his summer along with you.

Tips On Buying A Dog Swimming Pool

  • Buy A Very Sturdy Pool - Dogs have claws on their feet which can pop small inflatable pools. You will want to ensure that you buy a pool made of the toughest material you can find or plastic.

  • Look For A Pool That’s Easy To Drain And Clean - Dogs are constantly shedding and/or drooling, especially in the warmer months. This can make for a nasty pool if you are not able to clean it easily. If you’re buying a small pool, get one with a simple and convenient drain and side walls that are easy to rinse off. If you’re getting a larger pool, find the right equipment to help you get excess hair out of the water without having to drain it each time.

  • Think About Floating Dog Toys For The Pool - Many pets love to go and fetch small floating toys from the water or just to play with them while swimming. If this sounds like a practical idea for your pet, you’ll need a pool with enough space for them to play well and toys that are sturdy enough to withstand their play.

  • Plan According To The Size Of Your Dog - Smaller dogs do not need large pools or pools filled all the way with water, because they will not be able to stand up in them at all. Larger dogs need a bit more space and water to be able to cool off and play effectively. Think about the size of your canine and how much room they’re likely to take up before making a final decision.

  • Check Amazon Reviews - if you go this route or any other you should be able to find those who have bought a pool for this purpose and can advise you about how well suited it is for the job. Make sure to look at both negative and positive reviews to get a good idea of what it’s really like.

Dog pools provide a lot of fun for both pet and owner when the weather turns warmer. Follow these tips on buying a dog swimming pool if you want to help yourself to make the best decision possible for your dog!

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