P201: Board and Train Program

Our dog board and train program is a great option for owners with busy schedules who want improved manners or desire a fast and effective jump start in their puppy’s good manners skill set, offering comprehensive foundation training while your puppy or dog stays in my home for a period of time.

Your beloved pet is thoughtfully and safely integrated into my home where love and learning go “hand-in-paw”. No more than two pet mates are ever enrolled in the boarding school program at any one time, ensuring personal attention and training for your puppy. 

The length of stay is usually 2 weeks. On some occasions, I may recommend a 3-week program to best serve yours and your pets’ best interests. We accept healthy dogs with up-to-date vaccinations and no separation anxiety or aggression issues. Evaluation is required. 


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Please include preferred dog boarding dates, drop-off time and pick-up time (between 7 AM and 7 PM). We will follow-up within 24 hrs.

Notice! Dogs in heat cannot participate in Board and Train School for a minimum of 21 days. No exceptions.

Course includes:

  • Daily Training Sessions

  • Up to 4 daily walks

  • Daily Exercise

  • General Canine Care

  • 2 in-home follow-up classes

  • Text and email support

  • Access to All Training Tools

Start building a stronger bond and better communication with your pup.

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