For The Love of a Dog

When you have a dog, chances are, you would do almost anything for them. Those “feels”- they are genuine, and they are real! While the nuances of dog ownership aren’t all glorious, there’s still a powerful and extremely tangible bond between human and canine companions.

As the owner of two Mini Australian Shepherds who came into my home and crawled into my heart, after the most challenging 10 years of my life; they have given my life purpose once again. They heal me with their unconditional love, they always have time for me and they expect me to be there every day.


When it comes to my canine companions as well as dogs everywhere, I'm incredibly passionate about issues that affect them and their welfare. This blog will focus on various topics including pet ownership, animal behavior, and pet industry issues. 


Start building a stronger bond and better communication with your pup.

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