P102: Puppy & Dog Training

Early dog training can be as easy as it is enjoyable! What is often more challenging, is ensuring that your puppy/dog maintains an acceptable level of education, remains socialized and friendly to other dogs and people and continues to listen to your instructions.

Long Island Puppy Training Prep School dog training is the only program your puppy or dog will need and focuses on teaching structured commands with recall, using visual signs and verbal cues. Let us teach you and your dog how to build a thriving relationship and become happy companions.

By teaching your dog structured commands, you will be confident knowing your dog has door manners, proper leash etiquette, impulse control, polite greetings with people, while politely passing other dogs on leash.

Course includes:

  • 5 in-home classes

  • Text and email support

  • Access to Advanced Dog Training Tools

Start building a stronger bond and better communication with your pup.

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