Puppy and Dog Training for all Sizes and Breeds

At Long Island Puppy Training Prep School (LIPTPS), our mission is to help you give your furry companion the best life possible. We offer fun and practical, positively-focused, and relationship-based puppy and dog training. Not just for puppies, training can benefit dogs of all ages, whether they’ve been recently adopted or they’ve lived with you for a long time. For successful dog training, it’s all about building a routine. Dogs love a routine, and they like to know what you expect from them.


We look forward to training you and your puppy, creating the best behaviors for your everyday life.

Puppies learn quickly when they are young so its never to early for puppy preparation.

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Learn the techniques you'll need to raise a happy, healthy, stable dog and to prevent future problems.

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An intensive 2-week program where your dog will stay with us and learn better behavior every waking moment

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We attend to every moment of your dog’s day to ensure safety, fun, and also promotes polite behavior with dogs and people. 

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Thank you for your service, dedication, commitment, and sacrifice!


To show our appreciation, we offer discounted rates to first responders and the U.S. Armed Forces, active duty, veterans, and retirees. We also provide a patriotic discount for proudly flying our American Flag. Proof of Id is required.

First Responders & Military Discounts

Start building a stronger bond and better communication with your pup.

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